Das Atelier ist
den Menschen. Joseph Beuys


As “sculptors of ourselves” and of social reality in general, we become – more or less consciously – participants in an act of social transformation.

How is it possible to gain access to such artistic activity as a power of change, which exists for everybody internally and in the environment externally? Through the “expanded concept of art” by Joseph Beuys, we can discover a more developed idea of democracy and cultural freedom, as well as a solidarity-based economy and the preservation of nature.

All these are sculptural problems, in the sense of the earth as a work of art.

Since 1989 the Association for Social Sculpture has organised workshops and events in the region of Lake Constance, Germany. The natural beauty and tranquillity which this setting offers enable us to approach with open senses a more holistic awareness of art and of science. An archive dedicated to the work of Joseph Beuys (in development) is also located here.