Das Atelier ist
den Menschen. Joseph Beuys

Rainer Rappmann C. V.

Publisher, lecturer, organizer of events
1971 – 1974 Studies in Landau: education, art, German, philosophy
1976 Publication of the book „Social Sculpture“, originated from an interview with Joseph Beuys
1977 – 1982 Teacher at Free Waldorf School in Wangen, which he co-founded.
1979 – 1983 Co-founder of „Die Grünen“ (“green party“)
1981 – 1991 Director of the „freie Volkshochschule Argental“, a
local branch of the FIU (Free International University),
further work encounters with Beuys
For 1988 Organizer of study days and congresses in Achberg/Lake Constance to the expanded concept of art
For 1991 Further publications: publisher and (co-)author:

Since the age of 21, he has been collecting materials of the social sculpture – thereby creating an archive that is currently being build to be made publicly available.

Rainer Rappmann is a lecturer on Beuys and Social Sculpture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Brazil – go to: lectures and workshops.