Das Atelier ist
den Menschen. Joseph Beuys

Local art project

The “hare path”- an art project to participate in!


Book tree at the hare path – Installation by Rainer Rappmann

Foto-Exhibition of Annette Wölfle, spring 2013

We are excited about people who participate in this “sculpture in process”. An accommodation can be provided if necessary (please inquire).

August 2013: Knitting of Kathrin Stalder and Helen Halbeisen at the book bench and a trail.

Bücherbank            BücherbankeingestricktV           Bücherkiste

March 2013: The artist (and former companion of Joseph Beuys) U WE Claus has been dedicated to this path and will create invisible as well as visible sculptures with a group:

Weitere Hasenwegbilder (further pictures here), Manfred Mensch Meyer, congress on Easter 2013

Fluss 2 Hasenweg          Fluss Hasenweg