Das Atelier ist
den Menschen. Joseph Beuys

Venue at Lake Constance

The Humboldt-Haus is picturesquely situated on a hill overlooking Lake Constance, and is surrounded by meadows and woods. This region offers many opportunities for marvelous excursions around the Lake and to explore the glorious area where three countries meet (Switzerland/Germany/Austria).

Driving directions to the venue: www.humboldt-haus.de

The archive (under construction) can currently be seen just 10 min away from the venue (by appointment only).

Insel Lindau

Insel Lindau, 15 Minuten

Wangen im Allgäu

Wangen im Allgäu, 15 Minuten

Bregenzer Festspielhaus

Bregenzer Festspielhaus, 20 Min.

“Hasenweg” in Achberg, gepflegt von unserem Verein, 5 Min.