Das Atelier ist
den Menschen. Joseph Beuys

Subjects/ Speakers/ Retrospective

We have been organizing workshops and congresses on the expanded concept of art since 1989, approaching this “forcefield” from all kinds of angles.

Our events create practice spaces to exercise, too. We invite everyone to transfer these impulses in your fields of work: because there, everybody – potentially – is an artist.

Among the speakers you will find well-known lecturers and artists like

Johannes Stüttgen, Christian Felber, Christoph Schlingensief, Prof. Dr. Volker Harlan, Dr. Rhea Thoenges-Stringaris, Dr. Dieter Koepplin, Dr. Walter Kugler, Gerald Häfner, lecturers at the Social Sculpture Research Unit in Oxford – as well as many interesting speakers from the younger generation.

Here a summary of topics: Retro

Flyer of our international congress in 2013:

Hasensymposion (German), Joseph Beuys and the hare: englisch