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den Menschen. Joseph Beuys

Beuys-Ausstellung Finissage 6. Juli

23. Mai – 6. Juli 2014

Ausstellung der Galerie Wilmsen in Maria-Thann im Allgäu mit umfangreichem Rahmenprogramm – „Joseph Beuys näher bringen“ – sh. Ausstellungen.

Finissage: 6. Juli, 16.00 h

Galerie WilmsenMay 23 July 06, 2014:

“Beuys näher bringen” – Objects, Posters, Multiples – with exhibits from us our archive

Galerie Wilmsen, Maria-Thann 35, D-88145 Hergatz 

Lectures/ guidances: Johannes Stüttgen, Roland Wolf, Rainer Rappmann.

Galerie Wilmsen flyer page 1, flyer page 2 (in German)

Anton Wilmsen is not only a curator but received the order of Joseph Beuys for the production of his “honey pump” (documenta 7 in Kassel, 1977). The gallery owner and his wife have built up in the rural surroundings of the Allgäu a home gallery that gets attention beyond national borders.